& Stop Self-Sabotaging | taught by Silvia Martin
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Course Curriculum

Intro. Are you still carrying her?
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Lesson 1. The Stock Market of your Brain
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Lesson 4. Your Higher Self - The Yoda in You
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Exercise: The Genius Box
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Exercise: My Higher Manifesto
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Farewell. The 1st Doorway has been unlocked. Now... Walk
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Course description


What's wrong with me? 

Why can't I seem to get what I want?

What am I doing so wrong?

And on and on and on... till the infinite and beyond. 

Everyday, 50 to 60,000 thoughts are running through your mind like monkeys in a forest. It has been estimated that 80% of these thoughts are "negative" or defeating thoughts. That is:

Everyday, you are giving yourself 40 to 48,000 reasons why you suck at this thing of life. 

Reality is, you don't, and that's why you are here.

Master your Self-Talk & Stop Self-Sabotaging has been designed to stop that vroom-vroom going on. 

Throughout this course: 

1. You will learn to identify the voices in your head and separate from them. 

2. Listen to the messages of your subconscious and bring them into light (remember that we can only change what we are aware of) 


3. Start listening to the voice of your Higher Self - The Yoda in you. The one who wants the best for you. 

If you ask me, I think it's worth to give it a try and stop once and for all throwing stones on your own roof. 

You deserve this.

You deserve another chance at life. 

It's in your hands now. 



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Silvia Martin
Silvia Martin
Personal Development Alchemist


My name is Silvia and I am...

A Personal Development Alchemist,

A cat lover,

A red wine fan,

Ex-corporate flight attendant,

And, quite an accomplished salsa dancer. 

After a life dedicated to personal development and having had a business for 2 years, I saw how the ground moved under my feet: I lost my business, all my money and nearly my life while living in Bali (I am originally from Spain)

Back in Spain, in my parents house, with 0,00 in my bank account, 36 and no hope to be found anywhere, I had a nervous breakdown that nearly sent me to the other shore. 

What's wrong with me?

Once I got "somehow" back on my feet, I realized that there was nothing wrong with me. I had made mistakes, sure (a go-go if you ask me), but the biggest mistake I had made was to listen to others more than I was listening to myself. 


I decided to start again with 2 questions:

Who is Silvia?

What does Silvia want?

Like that, in the third person (once you get into these trainings, you will understand the power in asking yourself questions in the 3rd person)

I shifted all my focus from the outside to my inner voice and, little by little, that voice started to emerge. Not only emerge but also guide me. Support me. Love me! Finally!

And that is how these trainings were born:

7 doorways (which are in reality 7 so-basic life skills that should be taught in schools!) to find your Inner Gold. 

Your Inner Gold is your own voice, your essence, your mission in the world. That, which is truly yours. A place of freedom, of eternity, of no fear (or at least, of knowing there's fear but acting despite of it)

Besides these trainings, I offer 1:1 coaching sessions (you can send me an email if you are interested). 

It is my life mission to make this a more human world, full of people who are not scared of shining their light, of being true to themselves. When you are hiding, you are not only hiding from yourself, you are also taking a part of us all. 

When you are hiding,  it's not just you losing. It's all of us as well. This world REALLY needs more people ready to step up, ready to talk their own voice, ready to defy the status quo.

If you want to know more about me, you can connect with me on any of the social links or read these 2 articles:

About my divorce and how I dropped all the baggage attached

About my childhood and how I regained my self-love

With my hand in my heart, this is the best I can offer you.



Want to get in touch?

You can write to me at shizenalchemy(at)gmail(dot)com

Anything you want to say. Any question. Any doubt. Your life story. Please tell me. I read all the emails and they are all kept confidential.  

If you are on social media, these are the places where we can connect:

Instagram: @shizenalchemist

Twitter: @shizenalchemist

Facebook: Shizen Personal Development Alchemy (yes, you can also type @shizenalchemist and I'll show up there)

See you there!